10.0 Advanced Hair Color Applications

Although there are only three ways that Hair Color is applied, the ability to create with these techniques is up to your imagination. This course will teach you methods and utilize tools that are more creative and modern which create different looks for your clients. You will be introduced to techniques such as halo, shoe shine, balayage and many more. Remember that Hair Color is a combination of color choice and application technique that gives the stylist the great results that are needed in today's competitive market.


10.1 Block Color Technique

Block Hair Coloring is a technique utilized to bring out or accentuate a certain area of a Haircut.  This lesson is an example of the placement of Hair Color for this particular Haircut.  By placing Blocks of Color and the Choice of Color determines the final results.

10.2 Braid Color Technique

The Braid Hair Color Technique is creative way to apply color with many options on how much or how little hair color the client wants.  The size and number of braids you create and the placement of the braids determine where and how the color looks in the end result.  This lesson shows you the technique of applying hair color utilizing the Braid Hair Color Technique.

10.3 Brush Color Technique

The Brush Hair Color Technique is a quick way to apply color to the surface of your clients hair in the style they where.  The application takes less than five minutes and can be used to create direction in a hair design.  This lesson shows the tools and the proper application of the Brush Hair Color Technique.

10.4 Clip Color Technique

The Clip Hair Color Technique creates small "spots" of color on the surface of your clients hair design.  Can be used in many different ways to create many different effects.  This lesson shows how to apply Hair Color utilizing the Clip Color Technique.

10.5 Palm Tree Color Technique

The Palm Tree Hair Color Technique is used to apply hair color to the ends of clients who wear their designs shorter.  This lesson will demonstrate the application of Hair Color utilizing the Palm Tree Hair Color Technique.

10.6 Scrunch Color Technique

The Scrunch Hair Color Technique is designed to create an overall Hair Color for clients who wish to have just a hint of color on the surface of their hair.  This technique is designed for clients with wavy or curly textured hair.  This lesson shows the technique of applying Scrunch Color.

10.7 Zulu Knot Color Technique

The Zulu Knot Color Technique is designed to create a hue of Hair Color for your clients.  It takes the Zulu knot which is used in hair styling for setting of hair and applying it to the head in area's that you wish to place Hair Color and then painting the Hair Color on the surface of the Zulu Knot.  This lesson shows how to make a Zulu Knot and the application of Hair Color to the Knot.