Financial aid is available to those who qualify, based on required year's tax form (if taxes not filed, instructions will be provided). Students receiving Federal loans should be completely aware of their responsibilities, interest rates and payback schedules, prior to enrollment. Our Financial Aid team is available to assist with this process.

Financial assistance is available to students in the following ways:

Pell Grant

Helps eligible students pay for their education and is provided by the federal government. This money is a grant and does not have to be paid back.

Subsidized Guaranteed Student Loan

A student may borrow monies to be used towards the cost of attending a post-secondary school. This loan must be repaid.

Unsubsidized Guaranteed Student Loan

A loan made to students which is used towards the cost of education. These loans are for a dependent student.
This loan must be repaid.

Plus Loans (Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students)

A loan made to parents of dependent students at an interest rate that is adjustable yearly. This loan must be repaid.

Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG)

This is a grant for those with exceptional financial needs This grant does not have to be paid back.

Other Financial Assistance

We also accept payment from: The Veterans Administration, ACCES VR, Tomorrows Workplace

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