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Mud partner school


Capri Cosmetology Learning Centers listing on MUD Partner School page:


“Improving our students’ quality of life through education,” has been the mission of Capri Cosmetology Learning Centers New York for over half a century!

Despite the changing landscape and influx of large corporately owned beauty schools, Capri’s passion to help its students succeed has allowed it to thrive. As an independently owned and operated institution of higher learning, Capri has never and never will, put profits ahead of the best interest of its students.

Including MUD Beauty Essentials into Capri’s 600 hour Esthetics program allows additional opportunities for us to provide the best possible education for our students. We believe that developing well rounded graduates is key to not only passing state board tests but also imperative to fully prepare them for a successful career in the beauty industry.

MUD programs are highly regarded within our industry and we are honored to be a part of their family.
For more information on our Esthetics and Cosmetology programs, please call our Admissions Department today to schedule a tour! 845-623-6339, Nanuet, NY or 845-563-3090, Newburgh, NY. Day and evening classes are available. Financial aid is available to those who qualify.


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Mud partner school

Capri Cosmetology Learning Centers is now a MUD Makeup Partner School! The FIRST and ONLY schools in Rockland, Orange and Westchester counties certified to teach MUD Makeup Courses. What makes it even better is that Capri Cosmetology Learning Center Esthetics students receive the MUD Beauty Essentials Course at no extra charge. The MUD Beauty Essentials course will also be open to the public at Capri Cosmetology Learning Centers in Nanuet and Newburgh in the next few weeks. Course schedules will be listed on our website on the HERE!

About MUD

From its humble beginnings, Make-up Designory has grown to become the largest educational system exclusively focused on make-up artist training. A strict adherence to educational standards, curriculum development and teacher training has helped to create a standard form of make-up education that can be found in classrooms around the world. The same curriculum, high standards and MUD-certified teachers can be found in MUD’s main campuses in New York and Los Angeles, through their network of partner schools operating in the United States or internationally in MUD Studios.

MUD Studio provides a perfect mix between classroom and retail. Each MUD Studio features a modern showroom where the right MUD product can be found for every occasion and customer type. With every product in MUD Studio comes the knowledge of a MUD Make-up Artist. Dedication to a knowledge-based product line is essential to the MUD Studio experience. According to Tate Holland, MUD CEO, “We don’t want to do just makeovers in our stores; we want each make-up application to become an individual make-up class.” Beyond individual tutoring sessions, the store also hosts a number of smaller workshops that are geared to the needs of the everyday woman and the make-up enthusiast alike.

In the United States, Mud has partnered with a number of beauty schools in local markets to deliver Mud Studio courses. By partnering with existing schools, Mud has been able to expand its mission of providing high quality make-up education in markets that were previously underserved. Teachers at Mud Partner Schools go through the same training as those that teach at Mud Studios and students benefit by joining an international network of make-up professionals.

In the classroom aspiring make-up artists and other beauty professionals are taught the fundamentals of make-up application and the theory necessary to adapt make-up techniques to differing conditions – from the retail floor to a film set to a bride’s special day. Courses are derived from the same curriculum that can be found at Make-up Designory’s main campuses, but are divided in such a way as to allow the student to progress through the various subjects at their own pace. The courses are divided into two levels: Level I is comprised of Beauty Essentials, and the completion of this course allows the student to move on to the classes that comprise Level II, which include classes in Airbrush Make-up, Studio Make-up, High Fashion Make-up Trends, and Bridal Make-up. One of the unique features of the program is that students are able to not only choose courses that they feel will benefit them, but to take courses at different Studios in varying cities. While the courses remain the same at each MUD Studio, Partner School or Main Campus, traveling to different MUD locations allows the student to add culture and life experiences to their make-up education and artistic expression.

Beauty Essentials


Course Length: 84 hours

This course is designed as an introduction to beauty make-up with an emphasis on the techniques required today in the beauty, entertainment and fashion industries. Regardless of which of these areas you intend to work in, mastery of beauty make-up is a must. In this course you will start by learning facial analysis, base matching and application, correction, contours, highlights, as well as a focus on eyes and lips. The course finishes with complete make-up applications ranging from one hundred percent corrective to natural make-up.




New Esthetics Student Reviews Capri Newburgh

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Capri Esthetics Review

By Marisa Martell


When I began considering enrolling in an Esthetics program, there were two schools I was looking at. Eventually, I chose Capri due to its professionalism. I signed up for the Esthetics program here the first day I toured the school. I was impressed by the modern and professional atmoshphere as well as the friendly teaching staff. So far Capri has meet all of my expectations. The teaching staff works well together and the combination of hands on and lecture learning helps me to fully grasp all the topics we discuss. Everything is explained in full detail and broken down if you need more attention. I was a bit apprehensive about choosing this program but I am very happy with my decision.




Capri Review

By Jenna Van Der Marwe


In my experience, Capri has been the most fun I’ve ever had at a school. Three weeks in and I already feel like my classmates are my family. All of the Capri students are so sweet. I wake up excited everyday ready to learn and do what I love. Mr. Ray makes mornings fun with his silly jokes, videos and entertains us with his singing. The fact that we get to work with the Cosmetology students as models and vice versa is very cool. I’m learning so much in such a short amount of time! I love Capri!

My First Week at Capri Cosmetology

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If you had told me a year ago that I’d be writing about my first week of cosmetology school I would have said you were crazy. A year ago I was working a full time job in fashion putting my business degree from FIT to good use and enjoying every minute of it, however a few months ago things began to change. The business I was in started to decline, I began to get sick of commuting to the city every day just to sit at a desk, and things that were once important to me started to become less important. I was at a point where I needed to make a change but I wasn’t quite sure what that change was. I knew I wanted to have my own business and be my own boss, and hair/makeup/nails was something I was always interested in. After talking things through with friends and family I knew the right choice for me was cosmetology school. So after much deliberation I quit my full time job and enrolled at Capri Cosmetology.

My first day was very nerve-racking. Not only was I concerend that I may have made the wrong decision but I hadn’t been in a classroom setting in 4 years. However, within the first 20 minutes my fears were immediately gone. Upon walking through the door every person (students and coaches) were so acommodating and friendly. We spent the first half of the day receiving our kits which was very exciting and jumping right into our text books and learning about salon ecology. The second half of the day we took out our scissors and learned the correct way to hold them as well as sectioning on our mannequins.

The second day I couldn’t wait to arrive and get started. After completing our text book work the first half of the day we started our first haircut. I was so excited about how quickly we were jumping into everything. We completed two haircuts and learned how to give a proper blowout. The next day we completed two more haircuts as well as our first business class which we take every Wednesday with the esthetics class We all took a personalty test which told us about ourselves and was really interesting and fun. On the last day of the week we took our first test on salon ecology, learned how to use a marcel curling iron and gave each other shampoos and blowouts. I couldn’t believe how sore my arms and hands were after utilizing muscles I never even knew existed!

After reflecting on my first week at Capri Cosmetology I’m so excited I made the jump from my full time job to cosmetology school. I can’t believe how much we’ve learned in the first week and how quickly we jumped into haircutting and styling. The coaches are so experienced and really take the time to make sure you’re comfortable with what you’re doing and encourage you to ask questions. Based off of how much we have learned in the first week I can’t wait to see how much we have learned after two months! I am confident I made the right decision and I encourage anyone who may be unhappy in their current position to take the leap! You will regret not doing anything more than actually doing it!


Colleen Reynolds

A Letter to Mr. A and Capri Cosmetology

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Dear Mr. Fiore,

I am a graduate of Capri Cosmetology Learning Centers, Newburgh NY. I finished up around 2013 and went straight to Salon Maffei, White Plains NY. Which I stayed at for almost two years until I decided to dive into other courses and classes to learn everything I can about this industry.
The process has not been kind, and most recently attending a class down in south Florida, I’ve come across a very hard lesson. Not every school is Capri.
Since day one getting information for the Cosmetology course way back in 2011, I knew from after speaking to Lauren for only five minutes that this is where I wanted to be. September 2012 was the beginning of that journey and it was the best time of my life and completely worth investing in. To look back on only a short period of time and think “wow I’ve done so much” it’s an amazing thought, and to think further on it, I wouldn’t of had the courage to do any of those things and take those chances if it wasn’t for the inspiration from Capri and their staff.
Not only did Lauren help guide me along the way so perfectly, each teacher and advisor was nothing less then amazing. They are always willing to help and go the extra mile to make sure their students gain what they need to be successful outside of class. Going through the course, you forget those things and only after time and reflection can you really gain that respect and thankfulness of that process, even when it was hard and had to take the test three more times or stay the extra hours, you were never in it alone. There was always someone by your side.
I think the greatest part of my experience was able to listen and watch a team of hair stylist, estheticians, advisors and students all come together. When you listen, you hear the passion behind their voices, you hear how badly they all want you to succeed, how excited everyone always is!! Everyone the whole way; from Lauren at the beginning to Ms. Roe handing you that graduation certificate.
I conclude this letter by saying this; Thank you Capri Cosmetology Learning Centers and to everyone involved along the way that helped myself and my classmates to gain that proper education. To those future students, don’t think, just do. Capri Cosmetology Learning Center is where you need to be.

Evamarie Mastria

Capri Interview with Mariana Cecilia

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Capri Cosmetology graduate Sarah Shipper along with Esthetics Head Coach Miss Michele recently made a visit to newly opened Hudson Hair Co. owned by Julie Ann Gallagher in Nyack NY. The purpose of the visit was to interview Capri Cosmetology Coach and Hudson Hair Co. stylist/colorist Miss Mariana and to talk about her passion for work and teaching. Click on the pictures below to hear her responses. Here we go!


Sarah Interview

Miss Mariana Cecilia.

Intro mariana

Is a career in Cosmetology something you always wanted to do?


How did you get your job at this salon?


What do you enjoy the most about your job at this salon and what are some of the challenges?

Student Blog

Do you see the hair industry growing?


How do you market yourself?


Who do you admire the most in the industry and what questions would you ask them?


What has been your most satisfying moment in this industry?


Have you ever had Ah Ha moments in your career?


What advice do you have for Capri Graduates?


Why do you continue to teach at Capri while working at a salon?


Closing Remarks.


Inside Hudson Hair Co.

Sarah Interview

Makeup Artistry Program Video

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Capri Cosmetology’s Makeup Artistry Course will help you enter into the world of the Professional Makeup Industry. This course includes Tools of the Trade, Color Theory, Corrective Concealing, Highlight and Contour Techniques, Color Matching, Air Brush, Eye Lash Application, Bridal, Glamour, Day and Evening, Fantasy and Special F/X and so much more. Registration is Open to the Public*. Day and Evening Classes Available. Contact us at for more information.

*(conditions may apply)

My Time at Capri

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So, am I going to enjoy my time at Capri? One of the many very talented graduates of this year, Sarah Shipper, was nice enough to share one her video diaries of her time here at Capri. It features Sarah and some of the good friends she made while studying at Capri. I’d say they had fun!

Take a look, I think you’ll agree click here!

Ronit Peer- Graduate Spotlight

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Capri Esthetics studentsRonit Peer with Capri Cosmetology Esthetics StudentsRonit Peer and Miss Michele

Watch the Introduction CLICK HERE!

For a Tour of Ronit’s Spa CLICK HERE!

Capri Esthetics students Lori, Kristine and Sayana visit Ronit Peer, a Capri Cosmetology Learning Center Graduate, at her skincare business “Ronit Peer Skin Care”. Ronit invited us to take an up close look into her life as a successful business women and Esthetician located in Bruno 1 Salon in New City, NY. She answered students questions on how she began her career and what her journey has been along the way.

Ronit provides for her clients many different skincare options in her treatment room. The EndyMed radio frequency treatment machine for skin tightening and wrinkle reduction, acne treatments and microdermabrasion to name a few. Ronit only invests in products that show results. Some of her products include Hava Zingboim Cosmeceuticals, Repechage and Botanical Science.
Click Below to watch these great interviews:

Kristine Kristine’s Interview CLICK HERE!

Lori Lori’s Interview CLICK HERE!

Sayana Sayana’s Interview CLICK HERE!


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