The Repechage Difference!

May 21, 2015
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Lydia Sarfati

Everything Lydia Sarfati (CEO/Founder/Esthetician/Author) does is top notch!!!

Repechage Conference

Once again The Repechage Conference was amazing.

Every year Repechage invites Capri students to their conference held at the Affinia Hotel in Manhattan. We get to spend time with the Lydia and David Sarfati, Repechage employees, the awesome Erin Gibbard/ Direct Sales Manager Skincare Specialist who ensures that Capri is always well stocked with Repechage products and provides us with the greatest support, business owners from all over the world! We see Repechages’s new products, learn about ingredients and client care all while we eat together, laugh together and network.

Capri at RepechageCapri Esthetics students Kristine, Lori and Sayana at the Repechage Conference.

The guest speakers were really great. The students and I were very inspired. We learned a great deal about the science of seaweed presented by Charles Yarish,Professor, Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and Department of Marine Sciences at the University of Conn. He went into detail on different types of seaweed and how it is used for medical purposes and product use. They actually grow seaweed here in the states for research

Karl Richter from Bio-Gate, Manufactures of silver nanoparticles for antimicrobial agents locate in Germany, spoke about the new ingredient ”Micro Silver” in Repackages new box treatment, RED-OUT. This helps treat the very challenging skin condition rosacea. It is also great for anyone with compromised skin due to radiation and other cancer treatments also for irritated skin from acne and most other sensitive skin situations.

Dr. Patrick Fratellone, cardiologist from NYC spoke about his work “The Heart and the Whole Body Connection: The Gateway to Health, Vitality and Longevity. HE WAS LIFE CHANGING!

Samuel Shatkin Jr., MD from FACS MED is a plastic surgeon from Boston who gave a wonderful lecture on what’s new in the industry and how Repechage is their “go to” for client products, pre and post-surgery.


Capri Graduate Miss Michele with Capri Esthetics Graduate Ronit of Bruno 1 Salon New City.


We are so proud to be affiliated with Repechage and feel fortunate to be using their products for retail and in our services at Capri Cosmetology Learning Centers!

Repechage=great products=happy clients!

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