Q&A With Capri Graduate La Quanna Chong MakeUp Artist

March 4, 2015
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Capri graduate La Quanna Chong

1. When did you graduate from Capri?

I graduated from Capri in 2010.

2. What is your passion?

I love makeup. I love the transformation. I love helping others learn how to enhance their features.

3. When did your passion become clear to you?

My passion became clear when I volunteered at a women’s shelter & there were women who were abused or in the sex slave trade. I volunteered for a day doing make overs and afterwords the women were so appreciative they cried. They never had their makeup professionally done and it meant so much to them that it became clear in that moment the power of makeup.

4. How did you get to your present job?

Hard work! Persistence! Making connections and nurturing relationships! Researching! Always being available and ready!

5.What do you enjoy about your work and present job?

I enjoy coaching and developing others. Currently, I am an educator/artist for Charlotte Tilbury Beauty. Being it’s a start up company, I am learning so much about building a business, marketing and managing.

6. Any advice for present students following their dream?

Stay positive! Your thoughts are very powerful. See what it is you want and go for it. It’s not an easy industry and attitude plays a huge factor in success. It’s 90% personality and 10% talent. Be respectful, never lose your integrity, be mindful and already present.

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