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April 8, 2015
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by Carrie Kemmrerer

Ariana and I first met in 2010, when I joined Coku Spa, a spa that Ariana and her mother opened. I was also working as an instructor of Esthetics at Capri Cosmetology Learning Center at the time. Unfortunatley a year later they decided it was best to close the spa. I continued to teach at Capri and soon after Ariana’s mother, Michele joined me teaching. That is where we met Meri, who at the time was a student of ours.

Fast forward to December 2012. I received a invite from Ariana to a Winter Solstice Circle she was holding, and though I had never attended one before, the idea intrigued me greatly. When I arrived, Ariana, Capri Graduate Meri, and Head of Esthetics at Capri Cosmetology Michele Miller, were there. Because this was all a new concept to me I remained quiet though most of the circle. Then Ariana brought up this concept she had, she was planting the seed in hopes to grow a garden, a metaphor for growing her business she had started, Sacred Skin. Her first step, though there was no real direction, was to plant the seed, get Meri and I on board. (Michele was going to remain teaching at the school, but be apart of our support system) I remember leaving the circle very excited, but knew I couldn’t commit just yet as I had loose ends else where that I had to tie up.

It wasn’t until July 2013 that I reached out to Ariana to say I was in!

For the next year it was very much a learning experience. We still weren’t sure exactly which direction and how to go about to grow the business, but the few clients we did have sure were loving their services and experience at Sacred Skin.

One fall day in 2014 while having a meeting, we decided the time was right and we needed to get things going. Ariana had come up with a brilliant plan she called the Sacred Skin Method and from there, ideas began to snowball and feel right. I will be honest though, a lot of the concepts that were being brought up were quite foreign to me. Holding space for people was a big one that kept being said (I went home after that meeting and Googled “how to hold space”) Though I wasn’t fully grasping the concepts, I knew deep down that this was right.

To see Sacred Skin Wellness click here!

From this point on Capri Graduate and Sacred Skin Owner Ariana, Meri and I explored this world of Sacredness. I quickly discovered that this was not only just a new world for me but a healing experience in itself. This in turn allows me to better connect with anyone who comes to Sacred Skin. I learned a great deal about “Who I am” and how to hold space for others (yea, I wasn’t going to find that on Google)

Sacred Skin is truly a unique experience for anyone who comes to us, because we are so much more than just skincare. Sacred Skin is a place that one can come to for comfort, release, support, love, knowing that whatever you are going through, we will be with you along the way, making sure you will be guided in the right direction.

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