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May 7, 2015
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One of the most magical parts of the beauty industry is that you can really take it anywhere. There are no limits. I come from a background of Fine Arts and Fashion and see the world through the lenses of my background and for that I am grateful. This specific shoot was inspired by Italian art in the era of Da Vinci. Lines were soft and delicate, ethereal even, so I tapped into some of the techniques that I have recently learned here at Capri.

For my state board practicals I learned hair sculpting which adds soft art nouveau, serpent like waves to the hair. I wanted to duplicate that softness and incorporate it into a low ponytail of Hollywood waves. I sectioned my hair into a side part and began the process around the perimeter of the hairline and brought it to the nape of the neck, while still loose I pinned the hair back and let the model sit under a dryer for about 45 minutes and tied ponytail after her thermal treatment. Next, I sectioned the ponytail into 3 and with the Marcel curling iron started wrapping the hair positioning my hands from a watch view to an inner wrist view as I came around the iron ( a technique we learned while in our Senior room with Miss Vickie) and once I felt the heat eminate from the curl, I cupped the curl and flattened it out for a few minutes with my hands, and then released. Once, all 3 sections were done I combed out the curls and they fell into soft Hollywood waves, Eureka!!

As far as make up I wanted to go for that clean glowing, mono toned look that was so prevalent in that time. The model had a gorgeous olive skin tone so I went with deep, dusty pink tones as my palette for the eyes and deep soft browns adorned the perimeter, sealed with a natural strip of lashes . I followed with priming the skin and wiping away imperfections with concealer and foundation. Creating highlights in this process. the lip was highlighted with the same tones of deep dusty roses and contoured with brown and I finished the face with a translucent powder and added a little warmth with a light bronzer, and that’s it!! Signed, sealed, delivered.

I love learning new ways to create beauty and I hope that you were visually stimulated. Always remember, the sky is the limit. I’m signing off.

Alex Francisco

make up artist/ stylist/ student

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