Special F/X Makeup-How to Create a Burn Wound

March 24, 2015
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Special F/X Makeup is part of our Esthetics Program and Capri’s¬†Makeup Artistry Course.

How to Create a Special F/X Prosthetic for a Severe Burn Wound


Liquid Latex/Mehron


Makeup Sponges

Disposable Paint Brushes

Wooden Sticks

2 Shades of Foundation (Darker than your skin tone) Ofra Cosmetics

Red/Black/Yellow Theatrical Makeup/Mehron

Fake Blood/Mehron

Coffee Grinds

Step 1.

Cover approx. 5’x3′ area of arm with liquid latex using makeup sponge.

Burn wound 1

Step 2.

Apply thin layer of cotton on top of latex. Tear edges away to create irregular look.

Burn 2

Step 3.

Cover cotton with a thick coat of latex. Do not smooth down latex except for the edges. Smooth edges to blend into skin.

Burn 3Burn 4

Step 4.

Take wooden (popsicle style) stick and create holes, tears and texture into cotton/latex arm covering. Let set for approx. 15 minutes.

Burn 5

Step 5.

Apply 2 tones of foundation to latex area. Dab foundation with makeup sponge unevenly. Keep this area darker than natural skin to create a charred look. Fill in burn holes with red cream style makeup.

Burn 5


Step 6.

Paint black cream makeup onto the edges of the burn holes you created in the latex. Blend slightly with makeup sponge to create a charred flesh effect.

Burn 7burn 8DSC_0246

Step 7.

Add fake blood to burn holes. You may add a few coffee grinds to thicken the fake blood. This will create a coagulated/dry blood effect.

Burn 8Burn 9


Step 8.

Add yellow cream makeup to the wound for a more realistic look.

Burn 10

Show off your work!

Burn 11Burn12burn 13burn 14burn 15


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