9.0 Hair Extensions Procedures

This course will teach you all of the different techniques available to apply Hair Extensions from temporary to more permanent methods. This course will demonstrate techniques used to apply hair extensions into your clients natural hair. With this knowledge you will be able to investigate various hair extension companies and know what they offer and what system is right for you.


9.1 Box Braid Technique

The Box Braid Technique is designed to create a full head of braids that fall from the clients head.  The sections taken for this technique are square giving this design its name, however many different shaped sections can be used to give a different visual affect.  This lesson will show you the technique of creating Box Braids for you client.

9.2 Box Braid with Artificial Hair

The term Box Braiding originated from the square sections that were used to create this look.  The method of Box Braiding with Artificial Hair added is similar to the Cornrow Technique except instead of creating a braid along the scalp these braids start at the scalp and then continue off the scalp creating many braids that hang off the head.  This lesson shows the technique of adding Artificial Hair to a Box Braid.

9.3 Cornrow Technique

The technique of creating a Cornrow is a specialized method of using your hands in a manner to create a braid that is very small and very close to the scalp.  By learning this technique you can create many wonderful designs by pre-sectioning a client into a design and then cornrowing those sections into braids.  This lesson shows the technique of how to Cornrow hair.

9.4 Cornrow with Artificial Hair

To properly apply Artificial Hair using the Cornrow Technique you must first learn the technique of creating a cornrow.  This lesson shows the technique of applying Artificial hair within the Cornrow.  This method is used to extend the length of a client who wishes to wear their hair design in cornrows.  It is also used in methods such as Goddess Braids.  This lesson shows the technique of applying Artificial Hair into a Cornrow.

9.5 Hair Extensions Clip On Technique

Hair Extensions applied using the Clip On Technique is a temporary way to wear hair extensions for an evening or an event.  This method is the simplest way of applying hair extensions.  This lesson demonstrates how to apply hair extensions utilizing the Clip On method.

9.6 Hair Extensions Glue On Technique

The Glue On Technique of applying hair extensions uses Hair Wefts and a latex based glue to apply the extensions to the clients hair.  This is method is semi permanent method of applying hair extensions.  This lessons shows the tools and technique of applying hair extensions utilizing the Glue On method.

9.7 Hair Extension Track and Sew Technique

Hair Extensions utilizing the Track and Sew method is a way of adding hair wefts into you clients hair to create more volume and/or length.  This technique incorporates the use of cornrowing and you must have learned the technique of cornrowing before being able to perform this lesson.  The proper tools and technique to add Hair Extensions with Track and Sew is shown in this lesson.

9.8 Hair Extensions Compression Technique

Hair Extensions using the Compression Technique is a method of applying hair extensions utilizing pliers and small metal clamps that compress flat to attach the hair extensions to the clients hair at the root area.  This method is a more permanent method of applying hair extensions but not as permanent as the Fusion Technique.  This lesson shows the tools needed to apply hair extensions utilizing the Compression Technique.

9.9 Hair Extensions Fusion Technique

Hair Extensions applied utilizing the Fusion Technique are the most permanent method of applying hair extensions.  With this method the use of a heating implement and individually pre-glued extensions are used to apply to individual sections of the clients hair.  This lesson shows the tools and extensions used for Hair Extensions using the Fusion Technique.