8.0 Curly Hair Studies

Curly Hair clients need special techniques and tools to control their hair. The majority of these clients want to straighten or lessen the curl of their hair. This can be done with Temporarily (Styling) or more Permanently (Chemicals). This course is designed to show techniques that are exclusive to Curly Hair and assist with the styling of this type of hair.


8.1 Blow Dry with Comb Attachment

Blow Drying curly hair using a Comb Attachment is a method that works prior to straightening the hair afterwords with a flat iron or pressing comb.  This lesson shows you the technique of Blow Drying curly using the Comb Attachment with a Blow Dryer.

8.2 Flat Twist with Curls

Flat Twists with Curls is a style that utilizes the Flat Twisting technique pulling the hair away from the face and following it by creating curls using a curling iron in the back area of the head.  This lesson shows you two techniques to create Flat Twists and the curling iron technique using a marcel curling iron.

8.3 Pressing Comb Procedure

The Pressing Comb is a technique to use this tool to take super curly hair and straighten it with heat and tension.  The technique and tool in this lesson shows you how to take Curly Hair and straightening it using the Pressing Comb Procedure.

8.4 Roller Setting Curly Hair

Curly Hair needs special attention and techniques to properly satisfy you client.  When working with curly hair the key to a successful style is tension.  Do properly set curly hair the tension and placement of the rollers is imperative.  This lesson shows you the proper way to apply roller for Roller Setting Curly Hair.