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By: Michelle, Alycia and Ashley

We were inspired by a video we saw online of 3 girls that did their makeup, hair and even styled their outfits according to the past and current eras. We decided to make a makeup video because the 3 of us all love makeup so much. We had so much fun making this video, we wish we had more time to do more makeup looks during our time at Capri. We hope you enjoy watching.

To Watch Video Click Here!


The Repechage Difference!

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Lydia Sarfati

Everything Lydia Sarfati (CEO/Founder/Esthetician/Author) does is top notch!!!

Repechage Conference

Once again The Repechage Conference was amazing.

Every year Repechage invites Capri students to their conference held at the Affinia Hotel in Manhattan. We get to spend time with the Lydia and David Sarfati, Repechage employees, the awesome Erin Gibbard/ Direct Sales Manager Skincare Specialist who ensures that Capri is always well stocked with Repechage products and provides us with the greatest support, business owners from all over the world! We see Repechages’s new products, learn about ingredients and client care all while we eat together, laugh together and network.

Capri at RepechageCapri Esthetics students Kristine, Lori and Sayana at the Repechage Conference.

The guest speakers were really great. The students and I were very inspired. We learned a great deal about the science of seaweed presented by Charles Yarish,Professor, Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and Department of Marine Sciences at the University of Conn. He went into detail on different types of seaweed and how it is used for medical purposes and product use. They actually grow seaweed here in the states for research

Karl Richter from Bio-Gate, Manufactures of silver nanoparticles for antimicrobial agents locate in Germany, spoke about the new ingredient ”Micro Silver” in Repackages new box treatment, RED-OUT. This helps treat the very challenging skin condition rosacea. It is also great for anyone with compromised skin due to radiation and other cancer treatments also for irritated skin from acne and most other sensitive skin situations.

Dr. Patrick Fratellone, cardiologist from NYC spoke about his work “The Heart and the Whole Body Connection: The Gateway to Health, Vitality and Longevity. HE WAS LIFE CHANGING!

Samuel Shatkin Jr., MD from FACS MED is a plastic surgeon from Boston who gave a wonderful lecture on what’s new in the industry and how Repechage is their “go to” for client products, pre and post-surgery.


Capri Graduate Miss Michele with Capri Esthetics Graduate Ronit of Bruno 1 Salon New City.


We are so proud to be affiliated with Repechage and feel fortunate to be using their products for retail and in our services at Capri Cosmetology Learning Centers!

Repechage=great products=happy clients!

Full Editorial Look by Alex

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alex 1alex 2alex 4alex 5alex 6

One of the most magical parts of the beauty industry is that you can really take it anywhere. There are no limits. I come from a background of Fine Arts and Fashion and see the world through the lenses of my background and for that I am grateful. This specific shoot was inspired by Italian art in the era of Da Vinci. Lines were soft and delicate, ethereal even, so I tapped into some of the techniques that I have recently learned here at Capri.

For my state board practicals I learned hair sculpting which adds soft art nouveau, serpent like waves to the hair. I wanted to duplicate that softness and incorporate it into a low ponytail of Hollywood waves. I sectioned my hair into a side part and began the process around the perimeter of the hairline and brought it to the nape of the neck, while still loose I pinned the hair back and let the model sit under a dryer for about 45 minutes and tied ponytail after her thermal treatment. Next, I sectioned the ponytail into 3 and with the Marcel curling iron started wrapping the hair positioning my hands from a watch view to an inner wrist view as I came around the iron ( a technique we learned while in our Senior room with Miss Vickie) and once I felt the heat eminate from the curl, I cupped the curl and flattened it out for a few minutes with my hands, and then released. Once, all 3 sections were done I combed out the curls and they fell into soft Hollywood waves, Eureka!!

As far as make up I wanted to go for that clean glowing, mono toned look that was so prevalent in that time. The model had a gorgeous olive skin tone so I went with deep, dusty pink tones as my palette for the eyes and deep soft browns adorned the perimeter, sealed with a natural strip of lashes . I followed with priming the skin and wiping away imperfections with concealer and foundation. Creating highlights in this process. the lip was highlighted with the same tones of deep dusty roses and contoured with brown and I finished the face with a translucent powder and added a little warmth with a light bronzer, and that’s it!! Signed, sealed, delivered.

I love learning new ways to create beauty and I hope that you were visually stimulated. Always remember, the sky is the limit. I’m signing off.

Alex Francisco

make up artist/ stylist/ student

Dear Everyone

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A letter from a May 2015 Capri Cosmetology Learning Center Graduate to Everyone at Capri.


“I’m graduating today, and it’s very strange to say. If you would have asked me a year ago today where I thought I would be with my life, here and now would not have been the answer.

To be honest with everyone, before I came to Capri, I was a lost soul. I had suffered two horrendous break ups, the loss of my father and my great grandmother and quite literally hit rock bottom. I had no ambition to continue with my life. After all, when you are told most of your life that you amount to nothing (especially by educators), it is “nothing” you feel that you will be.

School was never an easy task for me. I was bullied, depressed, had my life threatened on several occasions and was eventually placed on homeschooling because they couldn’t relieve the problem, so before I came here, I was working in a hardware store, something I never want to do. Let’s be honest, me and power tools don’t mix. I was around a lot of men who couldn’t deal with my personality and did not want me around them. I finally had a muse or an angel whisper in my in my ear to come to Capri and the rest is history.

There are so many people here, who don’t realize they are angels to me and heroes because to be honest with you, you’ve saved my life in more than one way. You have been hands that have guided me to where I belong and smiles that made my days worth living. I felt like I made a new friend everyday and friends were never something that was easy to come by. I learned and I struggled and I struggled some more, but I never heard one word of discourage from anyone, ever. I only had a hand stretched out to lift me back up to where I belonged.

I fit in, I belong, I know who I am and if it weren’t for each of you I wouldn’t be where I am today. Never, ever feel discouraged, and if you do, know there is always a hand waiting to lift you back up again and know that if any of you feel there isn’t, that my hand will forever be extended to you, no matter where I am or where I go in this business. Each of you hold a dear place in my heart and I’ll never forget any of you.

I did this for me; I came here for me and remember that is why you are here to. Never take that away from yourself.

Shoot for the moon, kittens, if you miss, at least you’ll land among the stars.”

Believe in you, I do.

Love always,


Bridal Hair, Makeup and Marketing Demo

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hair by Andrea DemoHair by Andrea DemoHair by Andrea DemoHair by Andrea Demo

Andrea Beckerich of was at Capri Cosmetology Learning Center Nanuet for a Beauty and Self Marketing Demo. Here are some of the key points that are necessary for Beauty Professionals to promote themselves and their work.

Andrea’s Key Points are……

  • Post pictures on all Social Media sites, we are a visual craft.
  • Treat your Facebook like a mini website.
  • Offer giveaways, specials and coupons to new clients only once a month.
  • Stay on Trend.
  • Use before and after pictures.
  • Cross market with another service.
  • Your client is your only focus. No phone, smoke or gossip breaks.
  • Build a website.
  • Your online reputation is your client driver.
  • Be well rounded so you don’t have to turn away business

Hair by Andrea DemoHair by Andrea DemoHair by Andrea Demohair by Andrea DemoHair by Andrea hairhair by Andrea hairHair by Andrea hairHair by Andrea hair

New Barbary Fig Oils from NEA Naturals

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Nea naturals oils

NEA Naturals is introducing three new skin oils for all types of skin. These oil combinations feature natural ingredients such as Barbary Fig Oil, Black Raspberry Seed Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Hazelnut Oil and Arrowroot Powder.

Nea Naturals Inc. is an all natural skin care company founded in 2014 by 3 Licensed Estheticians and Capri graduates, Vashti, Diana and Jill. We first met in Capri Cosmetology Learning Center where our love of holistic health and beauty brought us together. Our mission is to enhance ones natural beauty from withinwith quality ingredients. Nea Naturals is dedicated to offering safe products without the use of chemical preservatives. Our products are free of parabens, phthalates, artificial coloring, and fragrance.

All Skin Types

Nea Naturals Moisturizing Beauty Oil is made to add and retain moisture for all skin types. These natural oils along with our Essential Oil Blend are full of skin-boosting nutrients and powerful antioxidants that keep skin healthy. Along with adding our Barbary Fig Oil, we have added Black Raspberry Seed Oil to heal and protect skin from outside elements. Full of fatty acids and our moisturizing complex Arrowroot Powder this Beauty Oil is truly made for all skin types.


Ingredients:Rice Bran Oil, Camellia oil, Hazelnut oil, Black Raspberry Seed oil, Barbary Fig oil, Arrowroot Powder, essential oil blend




Nea Naturals Moisturizing Beauty Oil is made to add and retain moisture for all skin types. These natural oils along with our Essential Oil Blend are full of skin-boosting nutrients and powerful antioxidants that keep skin healthy.

Key Ingredients in our Oily/Combination Blend are Barbary Fig Oil and Camellia Oil. Camellia Oil has mild astringent effects while still balancing your skins ph. Camellia Oil along with our moisturizing complex Arrowroot Powder makes the perfect balance for Oily/Combination Skin.


Ingredients: Camellia oil, Hazelnut oil, Barbary Fig oil, Arrowroot Powder, essential oil blend



Nea Naturals Barbary Fig Beauty Oils are made to add and retain moisture for all skin types. These natural oils along with our Essential Oil Blend are full of skin-boosting nutrients and powerful antioxidants that keep skin healthy. Key ingredients in our Dry/Combination Blend include Barbary Fig Oil and Rice Bran Oil. Rice Bran Oil is easily absorbed and great for most skin aliments ranging from dry skin to eczema. Rice Bran Oil along with our moisturizing complex Arrowroot Powder makes the perfect balance for Dry/Combination Skin.


Ingredients: Camellia oil, Rice Bran oil, Barbary Fig oil, Olive oil, Arrowroot Powder, essential oil blend

Sacred Skin Wellness

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Carrie Kemmrerer picture



by Carrie Kemmrerer

Ariana and I first met in 2010, when I joined Coku Spa, a spa that Ariana and her mother opened. I was also working as an instructor of Esthetics at Capri Cosmetology Learning Center at the time. Unfortunatley a year later they decided it was best to close the spa. I continued to teach at Capri and soon after Ariana’s mother, Michele joined me teaching. That is where we met Meri, who at the time was a student of ours.

Fast forward to December 2012. I received a invite from Ariana to a Winter Solstice Circle she was holding, and though I had never attended one before, the idea intrigued me greatly. When I arrived, Ariana, Capri Graduate Meri, and Head of Esthetics at Capri Cosmetology Michele Miller, were there. Because this was all a new concept to me I remained quiet though most of the circle. Then Ariana brought up this concept she had, she was planting the seed in hopes to grow a garden, a metaphor for growing her business she had started, Sacred Skin. Her first step, though there was no real direction, was to plant the seed, get Meri and I on board. (Michele was going to remain teaching at the school, but be apart of our support system) I remember leaving the circle very excited, but knew I couldn’t commit just yet as I had loose ends else where that I had to tie up.

It wasn’t until July 2013 that I reached out to Ariana to say I was in!

For the next year it was very much a learning experience. We still weren’t sure exactly which direction and how to go about to grow the business, but the few clients we did have sure were loving their services and experience at Sacred Skin.

One fall day in 2014 while having a meeting, we decided the time was right and we needed to get things going. Ariana had come up with a brilliant plan she called the Sacred Skin Method and from there, ideas began to snowball and feel right. I will be honest though, a lot of the concepts that were being brought up were quite foreign to me. Holding space for people was a big one that kept being said (I went home after that meeting and Googled “how to hold space”) Though I wasn’t fully grasping the concepts, I knew deep down that this was right.

To see Sacred Skin Wellness click here!

From this point on Capri Graduate and Sacred Skin Owner Ariana, Meri and I explored this world of Sacredness. I quickly discovered that this was not only just a new world for me but a healing experience in itself. This in turn allows me to better connect with anyone who comes to Sacred Skin. I learned a great deal about “Who I am” and how to hold space for others (yea, I wasn’t going to find that on Google)

Sacred Skin is truly a unique experience for anyone who comes to us, because we are so much more than just skincare. Sacred Skin is a place that one can come to for comfort, release, support, love, knowing that whatever you are going through, we will be with you along the way, making sure you will be guided in the right direction.

Capri Students

Capri Esthetics Students visited Sacred Skin take a look here!

Fantasy Makeup Video

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Fantasy Makeup Application

Capri Cosmetology Learning Center Esthetics Students Alycia Meier and Ashley Cirillo share their Fantasy Makeup Application Video.

Makeup and Video: Alycia Meier

Model: Ashley Cirillo

Makeup Products;

Mehron Pastel Palette

Mehron Creme Foundation/Color Palette

Ben Nye


Mac (Soar Lipliner, Brave Lipstick)


Chanel Mascara

Click Below to View



Graduate Spotlight-Patrick Alemi

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I waited until I was 27 to go to Capri, with a feeling I was too old at the time. All the other students were around 18 and right out of High School. I persevered and graduated at 28 at landed my first job as a shampoo person for about a year. I moved up and got a chair at a salon which ended up closing, so I took a job at the mall cutting kids hair for 2 years. Not the perfect job but, this is where I learned how to be a good Barber. With a desire to improve my skills further and become more rounded, I started taking jobs in different salons. I would learn advanced color techniques in one place and cutting and hair styling in another. At 33 yrs. old I wound up getting a job on Madison Ave. and stayed there for a few years. With a passion to take it to the next level I left the salon and took a position with ABC Overnight News styling hair for the anchors. Nothing ground breaking but, I was progressing…..and that’s when I got a huge break working on set for the film “A Beautiful Mind”. That’s where I met some truly amazingly talented beauty professionals. These people had been in the business for years and showed me there was much more to learn by working on films. Eventually, I did well enough for my work to be seen by others in the industry and was offered a position to run the Hair and Makeup Department at “Good Morning America” where I spent 10 great years working on celebrities too numerous to count. I just recently walked away from GMA to start my own brand “Patrick Alemi Hair “. Moral of my story, as others have said before, you are never too old and be careful what you ask for… may just get it…….La Dolce Vita!


Patrick Alemi has been the lead celebrity hair stylist for ABC’s Good Morning America for over 10 years. He was recognized by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for his contributions to ABC’s 2013-2014 Daytime EMMY Award for Outstanding Morning Program, Good Morning America.

In addition to styling numerous celebrities over the years, Patrick has been heard on SiriusXM Satellite Radio, and he’s provided celebrity styling tips on air and online for many television shows and blogs. Below is a little more of about Patrick and a list of some of his credits!

Patrick’s work has also been used on motion pictures, television, the runway, magazine covers and Broadway. He’s even a very sought after bridal stylist! You can take a look at his portfolio by clicking here.



Demolition (2014) – Post Production

Winter’s Tale (2013)

Noah (2013)

The Dictator (2011)

Men in Black 3 (2011)

Not Fade Away (2011)

Wedding Daze (2008)- Key Hair

Education of Charlie Banks (2007)

Spider-Man 3 (2006)

Birth (2004)

Sweet Home Alabama (2002)

Unfaithful (2002)

Hollywood Endings (2002)

Bad Company (2002)

A Beautiful Mind (2001)


Alpha House (Season 1)

Black Box (Season 1)

Blue Bloods (Season 2)

Hack (Pilot)- Key Hair

Law & Order: C.I. (Seasons 4 – 8)

Law & Order: SVU (Seasons 3, 8 & 9)

Sopranos (Season 4)

The Money (Pilot)


Good Morning America (Key – 2004 to present)

Saturday Night Live

All My Children

Shark Tank


The Insider

Entertainment Tonight

The New Maury Show


The View

Live with Regis & Kelly

This Week

Montel Williams Show


One Life to Live

20/20 Downtown


World News Now

Primetime Glick


42nd Street (2003)

The Phantom of the Opera (2003)

A Christmas Carol (2002)

Kiss Me Kate (2002)

And Then There’s Bea (National Tour: Hair for Bea Arthur) – (2001 & 2002)


Showtime: Laugh Whore – Key Hair for Mario Cantone (2005)

Comedy Central: Premium Blend – Hair for Host Jamie Kennedy (2004)

Friars Club Roast – Hair for Chevy Chase (2002)

Friars Club Roast – Hair for Hugh Heffner (2001)

V-Day Benefit: The Vagina Monologues (2001


Ben Affleck

David Arquette

Bea Arthur

Lauren Bacall

Mario Batali

Elizabeth Berkley

Jason Biggs


Anthony Bourdain

Lorraine Bracco

Garth Brooks

Cheryl Burke

Laura Bush

Candace Cameron

Mario Cantone

Tia Carrere

Pres. Jimmy Carter

Helio Castroneves

Kathleen Chalfant

Deepak Chopra

Hillary Clinton

Barbara Corcoran

Kevin Costner

Mark Cuban

Billy Ray Cyrus

Matt Damon

Claire Danes

Clive Davis

Rocco Dispirito

Simon Doonan


Edie Falco

Joey Fatone

Isla Fisher

Calista Flockhart

James Gandolfini

Nina Garcia

Bill Gates

Leeza Gibbons

Joanna Gleason

Jennifer Grey

Chloe Goodchild

Jeff Gordon

Tim Gunn

Mariska Hargitay

Valerie Harper

Melissa Joan Hart

David Hasselhoff

Teri Hatcher

Robert Herjavec

Ed Herman

Sir Anthony Hopkins

Derek Hough

Julianne Hough

Rachel Hunter

Bruce Jenner

Jamie Kennedy

Stacey Kiebler

Carson Kressley

Diane Lane

Cloris Leachman

Annie Lennox

Ann Magnuson

Margo Martindale

Cameron Mathison

Marlee Matlin

Shanna Moakler

Kelly Monaco

Joe Montana

Liam Neeson

Petra Nemcova

Cynthia Nixon

Kevin O’Leary

Ed O’Neil

Donny Osmond

Marie Osmond

Daphne Oz

Dr. Memhet Oz

Joe Pantoliano

Ty Pennington

Chynna Phillips

Kellie Pickler

Paulina Porizkova

Wolfgang Puck

Lisa Rinna

Melissa Rycroft

Marcus Samuelson

Diane Sawyer

Nicole Scherzinger

Steve Schirripa

Brooke Shields

Martin Short

Joel Siegal

Karina Smirnoff

Lara Spencer

Julia Stiles

John Stossel

Tim Tebow

Marisa Tomei

Buddy Valastro

Vera Wang

Jerry Weintraub

Kate White

JoBeth Williams

Paula Zahn

Ian Ziering

Special F/X Makeup-How to Create a Burn Wound

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Special F/X Makeup is part of our Esthetics Program and Capri’s Makeup Artistry Course.

How to Create a Special F/X Prosthetic for a Severe Burn Wound


Liquid Latex/Mehron


Makeup Sponges

Disposable Paint Brushes

Wooden Sticks

2 Shades of Foundation (Darker than your skin tone) Ofra Cosmetics

Red/Black/Yellow Theatrical Makeup/Mehron

Fake Blood/Mehron

Coffee Grinds

Step 1.

Cover approx. 5’x3′ area of arm with liquid latex using makeup sponge.

Burn wound 1

Step 2.

Apply thin layer of cotton on top of latex. Tear edges away to create irregular look.

Burn 2

Step 3.

Cover cotton with a thick coat of latex. Do not smooth down latex except for the edges. Smooth edges to blend into skin.

Burn 3Burn 4

Step 4.

Take wooden (popsicle style) stick and create holes, tears and texture into cotton/latex arm covering. Let set for approx. 15 minutes.

Burn 5

Step 5.

Apply 2 tones of foundation to latex area. Dab foundation with makeup sponge unevenly. Keep this area darker than natural skin to create a charred look. Fill in burn holes with red cream style makeup.

Burn 5


Step 6.

Paint black cream makeup onto the edges of the burn holes you created in the latex. Blend slightly with makeup sponge to create a charred flesh effect.

Burn 7burn 8DSC_0246

Step 7.

Add fake blood to burn holes. You may add a few coffee grinds to thicken the fake blood. This will create a coagulated/dry blood effect.

Burn 8Burn 9


Step 8.

Add yellow cream makeup to the wound for a more realistic look.

Burn 10

Show off your work!

Burn 11Burn12burn 13burn 14burn 15


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